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Keeping Everything In Tip-top Shape

Denver Toilet, Sink, and Faucet Repair by Anywhere Rooter will keep everything in tip-top shape.

The sinks, faucets, and toilets are the most commonly used plumbing fixtures in your house. So, as with most things that have repeated constant use, it can lead to needing service from normal wear and tear.

Minor parts getting dirty, worn out, clogged, loose, or any other potential problems that your fixtures can have, Anywhere Rooter has the trained professional technicians along with long-term plumbing repair experience.

Toilet Repair

We all need our toilet to work correctly, but even the best quality toilets can have a problem.

Our Professionally licensed, trained Denver plumbers are at the ready to fix any sort of plumbing issue that you may face. Services including slow draining, overflowing, tank or pipes vibrating, constant water running, leaking, loose valve seats, flushing not working, and even more.

Whether you need a repair or even a new unit, Anywhere Rooter can easily have your toilet fixed and running like new fast.

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Common Toilet Problems

There are many reasons for your toilet bowl or tank to begin to leak, but we like to decern the issue by looking at several different areas. Has it been over 5 years or more since any parts were replaced in the toilet? Have you used bleach or in-tank cleaners over a period of time? Does your toilet show signs of rust, or is it starting to warp with time?

Regardless what may be the cause of any problem, Anywhere Rooter can have you fixed with toilet up and running usually in very little.

  • Toilet bowl draining slowly
  • Toilet bowl overflowing
  • Toilet bowl leaking
  • Valve Seat cracked or loose
  • Toilet Tank vibrating when filling
  • The sound of Water running nonstop\
  • Sink Repairs

Think about how much you use your sinks when you rinse your dishes, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and so it goes. Near constant use of any plumbing unit can cause the eventual need for repair.

Most common issues that homeowners come across with their sinks include leaky faucets, broken garbage disposals, clogged p-traps, clogged plumbing lines, as well as low water pressure.

No matter what the issue may be, the professional technicians at Anywhere Rooter are available to service any sink problem that comes your way including a new replacement.

Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet Repair

As you may know, there are fewer things more annoying than leaking kitchen or bathroom faucets. If left unrepaired, they can waste a lot of water and money over time.

It is estimated that even slow leak can waste up to as much as 20 gallons of water a day.

Over several months that really starts to add up in costs.

Since leaks generally get worse over time, so if you have discovered a dripping bathtub faucet, kitchen or bathroom sink, as well as a shower, act quickly. Call Anywhere Rooter today so that one of our professionals gets right out to fix the problem quickly, from a worn out washer or something more serious.

Other Plumbing Services:
 Sump Pump Repair
 Plumbing Pipe Repairs or Replacement
 Water Heater Repair

We at Anywhere Rooter looks forward to helping with all your plumbing repair needs.

Conveniently located in the Denver metro area, we serve 6 days a week and emergencies on Sunday.

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Our plumbing technicians are family owned and operated, highly trained, and skilled to handle all of your plumbing needs. From drain cleaning to sewer line repair we provide repairs and an amazing service from start to finish. By being on time for every appointment, showing up for emergency calls, and providing excellent customer service we simply can’t be beat.

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Karen Goodridge
Karen Goodridge
George G. did a thorough and excellent job for us by first finding where the shut-off valve is in our basement, which isn't obvious and after 36 years in the home, it wasn't where we expected it to be. He then replaced the shut-off valve to our new refrigerator. However, rather than replacing the valve with the same type of valve it originally was equipped with, George updated the valve with a better quality and more accessible valve. In addition, George took precaution to use a fire resistant cloth while sautering copper pipes together. George is professional and has excellent skills. He looks out for the client.
chris jehn
chris jehn
Anywhere rooter fixed my sewer, they figured out the problem when 5 other plumbers could not. It is really nice to not have to worry about sewer backups anymore. Turns out I had a broken sewer connection in my yard. They dug it up, fixed the connection and repaired the slope on the line so it would drain properly. Put everything back together and did a nice job of cleaning up. I would recommend them
Dan Hoffmann
Dan Hoffmann
Kimball and his crew were absolute pros. Great work at a fair cost. Able to get a very extensive job done on time and we’re able to get underway almost immediately. Also flexible enough to modify job as facts presented themselves over course of the project. Would 100% recommend.
David Yates
David Yates
Had a broken pipe at my well. Called at 450pm. They were here by 9 the next morning. Outstanding customer service.
Cheryl Stanion
Cheryl Stanion
We have lived at this same home for 47 years. Little did we know that the Main Drain under the basement floor to the Septic Tank was in very bad shape. Frank, Kimball, Chad, & Ulysses came through for us in diagnosing the problems, cleanout in a timely manner, and total repair of the old iron pipes by insertion of the new technology liner that adheres to the inside of the old pipe making it new, again. And, they put two stacks outside for future drain cleanout access. The price was "pricey" for us; but, fortunately we did work through all that. We are most thankful that the work was done before winter and it comes with a Lifetime Warranty document that is transferrable should we ever sell the house. We would recommend these professionals.
Laura Banks
Laura Banks
Anywhere Rooter came out to repair my sewer drain piping in my basement and check the sewer line as well. Kimball and his assistant did a professional job with top quality work, excellent communication and inspection as well. The pricing was excellent and they bent over backwards to work with me for costs so that I can get the sewer line fixed from the house to the road in just two weeks. I highly recommend Anywhere Rooter, Kimball and his assistant. Top of the line and affordable with a great loan company to boot if you need that too. Thumbs up!
Mollie Rago
Mollie Rago
Kimball was amazing! He was at our house less than 24hr after my initial call, even though we live in a rural area most companies refuse to service. He did a great job replacing our garbage disposal. Highly recommend!
Dean Clemetsen
Dean Clemetsen
Anywhere Rooter did a great job for us. Kimball and his team were easy to work with. We had already moved out of state and needed sewer work done for home inspection items. They understood our time urgency and did everything quickly and professionally. He was in contact with us about what was happening and what needed to be done to finish the job so we could close the sale of the house. Great job, thank you.
Chris Barrett
Chris Barrett
For two years I had been trying to find the source of a septic leak that was filling my sump with liquid. I've had multiple camera inspections of the septic line, all of which came back inconclusive. Kimball was the first one to find the exact spot of the leak, offer a solution and then have his team fix it on the first try. I admit it was not an inexpensive service, but these guys were super fast in their responsiveness to the issue and in getting the problem resolved. The team that came to fix the issue was on time, professional and did exactly what they said they would do with no mess to my house or property. I was very thankful to have found these guys and I'm happy to report that my sump is free of liquid again. My septic line is repaired and lined against future breaks so I'm very pleased with the job that Anytime Rooter did.
Bill Woodward
Bill Woodward
Awesome service and got the job done in an ontime and a professional way.
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