Sump Pump Repair

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Sump pump removes water that accumulates in your sump basin which is usually found just below your basement.

Sump pumps that do not work are a leading cause of basement floods that can be both costly to fix as well as damaging important family keepsakes.

Our Professionally licensed Plumbing techs at Anywhere Rooter are knowledgeable and specially trained both to verify if a sump pump is working correctly and to offer advice for a sump pump repair or possible replacement decision.

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Watch the video and learn some suggestions that will help to make sure that your sump pump is operating as it should help avoid future problems.

Once you have viewed the video along with following the suggestions and are still having a problem, it is probably a good time to contact Anywhere Rooter today so that we may send one of our techs by to look at what might be the problem and see how we can determine the best solution for you to have it fixed.

A sump pump and the sump tank should be checked every year in order to ensure your system is operating correctly and at peak performance. Your sump pump may put in overtime work due to the extreme Colorado weather conditions along with higher water tables. Anywhere Rooter is your source to call to ensure proper sump pump maintenance in the Denver, Colorado metro area.

We are open 24h/7.

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Sump Pump and Battery Back up Pump Service Denver, Colorado

The heavy rain season is here which means you want to make sure your sump pump is in good working order.

A sump pump removes water that might enter your home through the foundation.

Just a little water can cause thousands of dollars in damage so it’s important to make sure your sump pump is ready for everything mother nature can throw at it.

Here’s all you do.

First, make sure your sump pump is plugged in now test your pump by lifting the float. If the pump comes on chances are you’ll be okay

If there’s water in the basket it should empty. If the motor doesn’t come on, you may have a problem and a wet basement.

Here’s a great option to consider a sump pump with a battery backup. This way if the power goes out during heavy storms the sump pump will keep running.

If you want us to inspect or repair or replace your sump pump give us a call we’ll be happy to help you out.